Pinterest Challenge: Mustard & Grey Yarn Wreath

Leave it to me to put things off until the last minute.

Like not putting up Halloween decorations until 10 minutes before the first trick-or-treaters show up.

Or, you know, not  making my blog live until almost a year after my husband, Matt, bought me the domain for Christmas. Oops.

That’s so me.

In my first year of university, I would start essays the night before they were due, and stay up all night to finish them – even though I’d been assigned those essays months earlier. Did I say first year? I meant every year.

I’d like to say I work best under pressure, but really? I’m just lazy.

I dream big and I procrastinate a lot. Dangerous combination. Especially where Pinterest is concerned.

What’s Pinterest? It’s a site that allows you to share and collect ideas. You can hoard eye candy and inspiration and recipes and project ideas. The trap is that it’s easy to keep on collecting those ideas but never actually do anything with them.

Which is why I was eager to join in Sherry, Katie, Ana and Erin‘s Pinterest Challenge, a call to Pinterest-loving bloggers to stop collecting and start doing. Not only did it give me a deadline to accomplish a project, but it also gave me a deadline to launch this here blog. Two birds, one stone? Heck yes!

I knew I wanted to make something for fall. Even though snow will be here any day now, I wanted something I could put up right away and immediately take pride in.

I stumbled upon a tutorial for this gorgeous yarn wreath from Take Heart. So pretty, right?


I immediately loved the mustard yarn (when don’t I love mustard?) and knew I’d use the exact same colour if I was lucky enough to find it at Michael’s. Which I was.

I also wanted to do white and silvery-grey felt flowers if I could find those colours of felt at Michael’s. It being the Saturday before Halloween, the felt section was almost completely picked over (for costumes, I assume). Not a white or silver sheet of felt to be found. There was a charcoal grey though, which I thought was a bit dark but would do the trick. Turns out (spoiler alert!) it was perfect.

The wreath was dead simple to make.

Take a straw wreath, preferably still wrapped. Michael’s didn’t sell wrapped wreaths, so I covered mine up with some plastic wrap – without it, the yarn kept snagging on the straw.

Wind the yarn tightly over the wreath until it’s completely (or at least 99%) covered.

Cut circles out of felt.

Then grab your scissors again and make the edges of those circles do the wave wavy.

Cut the wavy circles into a spiral shape, leaving a circle or oval shape at the end. (Did you ever make snakes out of construction paper when you were a kid? It’s the same technique.)

Take the non-circular end of the spiral and roll it tightly into a cylinder, then keep on rolling, but not as tightly, until the felt forms a floral shape. This sounds like it would be challenging (at least, it did to me) but it’s actually really easy. Almost effortless.

Use a pin to hold the felt-flower together (that’s my little addition to the technique).

Repeat with all of the felt circles you made. Then remove the pins and use hot glue to make sure the felt flowers stay intact. Use the hot glue one more time to secure the felt flowers to the wreath in an arrangement of your choice.

Tie a ribbon (or more yarn) to the top of the wreath to create a hanger, and you’re done.

It was so easy, and I love how it turned out. Maybe the mustard and grey colour scheme is trendy, but I really, really love it, and that’s what counts.

Total cost for this project?

Straw wreath: $3.99
One charcoal-coloured sheet of felt: $0.49
Mustard-coloured yarn: $5.49, but I used a 50% off coupon to snag it for $2.74
Door hanger: $2.50 (but will get to re-use the hanger for future wreaths)
Hot glue & hot glue gun: Already owned

Total (pre-tax): $9.72, which came to $10.98 after tax.

Not too shabby for a wreath that makes me smile every time I see it.

In fact, I just might make myself do a solo Pinterest Challenge every month, just to keep me honest and make sure I’m doing, not just dreaming.

Thank you  to SherryKatieAna and Erin for hosting the Pinterest Challenge. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

And most of all, thank you to Danielle of Take Heart for creating such an easy-to-follow and inspiring wreath tutorial.

Update: Pinterest Challenge participants are now sharing their links! Check out the hosts’ projects here, here, here, and here. Almost 400 people (so far!) participated; check out Sherry’s Pinterest Challenge post for the complete list.

So, did you take part in the Pinterest Challenge? What did you make? Are you gaga for Pinterest like me (and half of the internet)? What’s on the top of your Pinterest to-do list?

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  1. says

    I just saw your wreath linked to YHL and I love it! I have actually been wanting to make a yellow and grey one so I will be doing that this week now. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Kait says

      Thanks Lindsay! I’m so glad you like it! I don’t know what it is but there’s something about yellow & grey that is just so pretty. I’ll check out your blog later this week to see how it went!

    • Kait says

      Thanks so much! I worry about going too trendy sometimes but it’s hard to deny how nice the colour combo looks together.

  2. says

    Hi Kait! I love your wreath. I also made one a couple of months ago as a fall decoration for my grandparent’s nursing home room. I didn’t blog it but I used a creamy colored yarn as my base and made cranberry red, mustard yellow, and orange flowers out of felt. I know my arms were a little sore after wrapping that yarn for hours around that wreath form!

    I am also a champion procrastinator. I did the same thing with all of my college essays. For my Pinterest challenge, I waited until yesterday to run to Michael’s to get my supplies. Of course, all of the fall decor had been picked over. So I had to improvise. Looking forward to your future blog posts!

      • Kait says

        Thanks Monica! That colour combination sounds so pretty. Worth all of the hand-cramping and arm pain, I’m sure – and I’m sure your grandparents appreciated it, too.

        So it wasn’t just my local Michael’s that was picked over – seems like it’s really slim pickings around there this time of year between all of the fall/winter holidays. Serves us right for procrastinating, I guess!

        I’m about to follow you on Pinterest – so many inspiring ideas on your pinboards!

    • Kait says

      Thanks Kate! I was a smidge worried about making them because I’m not very dextrous… so glad they turned out okay.

    • Kait says

      I’ll have to go check that out! I’m excited to see what colour combo you went with; the possibilities are really endless (unless your Michael’s is low on supplies like mine was!).

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